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About Wollo University

Wollo University strives to generate and apply the kind of knowledge that contributes to the renewal and transformation of society.

The mission of Wollo University is to accelerate the democratic, social, technical and economic development of the country by offering various disciplines in the sciences, technology, medicine, social science, the humanities and business to provide the knowledge base for continuous and value adding achievements in all sectors of societal development in the immediate area in particular and in the country and the region in general.

Wollo University, drawing its norms from the exemplary community that it finds itself in, cherishes unity in diversity, respect for others and communion with all irrespective of differences. It believes that life shapes itself in a progressive manner based on the gains of knowledge. To the degree knowledge changes in cumulatively qualitative leaps, the University treasures passionate pursuits in scholarship and research. To the University, in an increasingly globalized world that sets its terms and pace from competitive breakthroughs of knowhow, society cannot any more afford to be indifferent to education. Given this importance and reality, the university regards highly the generation of knowledge as a means of personal and social transformation and the provision of education to all as an important public responsibility. The university also increasingly appreciates the role the environment plays in the sustenance of all that passes as human achievement. To the degree the interdependence between man and nature is undeniable, the University maintains an environmentally friendly stance in all that it teaches, researches and applies.

Schools/Colleges at Wollo University
  • College Of Agriculture
  • College Of Business and Economics
  • College Of Health Science and Medicine
  • College Of Natural Science
  • College Of Social Science and Humanites
  • Institute of Teacher Education and Pedagogical Science
  • School of Law
  • School of Veternary Medicine
  • Institute of Technology
Amhara, Ethiopia +251-331-19-05-90 http://www.wu.edu.et/ Public University

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