Dereja Academy Program 2020 Orientation

Dereja Academy recently started doing rounds of orientation to familiarize aspiring dereja academy fellows on the program. During the orientation participants will be instructed on how to apply, why they should apply and create common points of references between applicants and the Dereja team.

The Dereja team will cover topics such as how to apply for the program, what you’ll get out of it and what the different aspect of the program will cover.

There is this unaddressed question most students face when leaving the university. If not addressed, it is often hard to move on and find fulfilling careers. This question can be boiled down to, “Okay, I’m done with school… Now where do I go?” This is largely because most students aren’t trained on answering these questions in meaningful ways. Yes, one might have the technical skills but in the real world, that’s only half the equation. Because, every year 200,000 students graduate and these students also have these skills. A degree is no longer a guarantee of a career let alone a job.

This is where we start, Dereja Academy helps you develop answers to these questions and give you an insiders look of what is expected of you. Each year we tour campuses across Addis Ababa to select among the best and brightest and train them to really tap into the job market by leveraging their strengths to secure a job they want.

  1. Online Application

The online application is where we get to know you a little. Basically, you’ll fill out basic information (Name, Gender, School, Field…) and answers three questions (to be posted soon) that will help our team determine if you are a good fit for the program’s demands.

  1. Interview

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re going to meet us face to face where we get to know you better. It’s all about developing a sense of who you are and what your learning objectives are. We, of course, have other metrics but at the end of the day come prepared and bring your best self.

  1. Group Assessment

Part of the Dereja Academy experience is also about learning from your peers and imparting some knowledge to your peers. Hence, we will assess how well you interact in groups and your communication skills.

That’s it! If you pass this process, you’re in!

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