Dereja Academy Program 2020 Registration

Every year 200,000 graduates come out from both public and private Universities.  Dereja Academy is a program created for graduates to become choice candidates for employers as well as for employers to give opportunities to competent graduates.  The program is open for young professionals interested in developing their employability skills and hard skills based on their career interest. The program will prepare graduates to become professionals in various fields and provide 6-12 weeks of trainings.The program operates on an open application method only for the graduating students of 2020. Graduates will be screened based on their submitted application form (below).



Dereja Academy is an employability skills accelerator program aimed at helping university graduates access the job market prepared for your dream career.

This accelerator program is centered on preparing you to help you approach your dream careers prepared for success rather than just settling for jobs. Our academy is where you will find answer questions to important career related questions and develop a real towards the job market. It’s your
gateway to your dream job. But more importantly, Dereja Academy is an opportunity where you can explore your professional questions and find answers to them.

The program has three major components, the first one being giving participants training on skills you need to excel in a professional environment. Then you will be given actual practical experiences to help you grasp your training. The Academy also gives you additional courses that will complement your professional aspirations.

Every weekend, participants will attend the program for three months.

All graduating student, except for medical students, are eligible to apply.

To join the program you will first have to register online on this page or and submit your application before the stated deadline. Only selected applicants will move on to the next stages.

a. Interview: Our team will have a face to face interview, to see if you’re a match

b. Assessment: We will then form groups of students to see how you interact with others and what skills you have.
Then you’re done! It’s that easy!

We do provide access to job opportunities.

Yes. The program is absolutely free of charge. However, we do require you to be fully committed and present throughout the program.

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