Jobs Creation Commission

About Partner: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Jobs Creation Commission is established as per proclamation 1097/2018 which determines the powers and duties of the executive organs. Subsequently, the regulation 435/2018 promulgated by the council of ministers mandated the commission with the authority to lead the job creation agenda, coordinate stakeholders, monitor and evaluate performance.

Our Projects: Partner with in implementing our three main interventions:

1. Dereja Academy: – Dereja Academy is an accelerator placement program organized for graduating year students. The program is different from any other training program as it is an application-based program for students who are ready to make it to the job fob market. The program has an intensive selection process and training that focuses on building their soft and professional skills. Each cohort is sized for available demand for an entry-level job as we already know beforehand the number of entry-level jobs that will be posted on

2). (Digital portal) – an aggressive online strategy to link students to employment information. It will provide easy access for youth to connect and network with employers through technology they are familiar with and that they use in their daily lives. Through this digital platform, employers have access to the high caliber and competent graduates (which is one of the main challenges that employers have disclosed in finding good employees). The Digital portal website is a friendly platform that provides students access to a listing of jobs and internships, career advice, learning of contents and job readiness as well as employers profile.

3. Job Fair Clinic and Mobile Job fairs: – Job fairs are designed to connect fresh graduates with employers and also include a two-week-long job clinic program offering job readiness training and employability skills such as how to conduct a job search, write a CV and prep for interviews. Job fair clinics and Job fairs will be organized in the selected urban and rural universities before their graduation. Job fairs are an offline employment linkage platform that supports graduating students to secure jobs before their graduation.

All the interventions will be focused on the selected urban and rural universities that Dereja has been closely working with in the past years and locations identified for employment opportunities within the regions to eliminate rural to urban migration as well. The selected universities are; Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology Institute (ASTU), St Marry University, Unity University, Adama University, Bahirdar University, University of Gondar, Haramaya University, Hawassa University, Jimma University, Mekelle University, Wollo University, and Arbaminch University. Based on the existing employer’s partnership and job opening trend as well as the growth and employment potential it has Dereja will target, manufacturing and service sectors especially (tourism and Information and Communications Technology (ICT)) sectors.

Partnership Areas

  • Dereja Academy
  • Job Fair Clinic