What can you do with a degree that has little market demand?

Once you’ve graduated you probably have realized that the battle for a good life has just started. It’ll be even more apparent if you graduated with a degree that has little to no market demand. Every year a lot of students graduate from such degrees. To aid you in your job search we have listed out five basic tips to make yourself marketable.

  • Highlight Transferable skills

Every graduate degree is marketable, this is because through the course of your university career you’ve learnt skills that can be used anywhere. Things like good writing, communication, quick math anything that can be used in other field should be highlighted in your profile, in an interview, anywhere that shows who you are to potential employers.  Make it as visible as possible.

  • Research, research, research

Even though you might think that your field isn’t marketable, there might still be a need for your particular skills in certain industries. For instance, currently there is a high demand for visual artists,  content developers because the market is also evolving.

  • Freelance is a place to start

Most degrees that are deemed unmarketable because these skills aren’t needed on a day to day basis unlike, accounting. The jobs that require your skills might be seasonal, be on the constant look out for such opportunities. This also a plus as it helps you build a CV.

  • Diversify

Once you’ve graduated don’t just stick to your degree, while searching for employment look for short-term training that can get you certified. There are plenty of short term trainings that can better your chances at employment. Institutions like, ACCA help people get certified in the short term.
This is just an introduction to a series of articles that will be posted on This series will hopefully give you a hint at what you can do with a particular degree, some tips might be new others might be things that you overlook.


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