Things to do Before the Job Search

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Fresh graduates have been plagued with many stereotypes but none hurts them more than “they are not equipped for the workplace”. This is because it is partly true, our current education system hasn’t prepared most graduates for the skills they need to successfully assimilate in the workplace and accordingly the professional world more-often doesn’t appreciate their modern quirks. Take that and couple it with the worrying figure that suggests about 200,000 of these will be coming out of their schools expecting a job every year. Hence, before entering the job search here are a few things you should consider.

Re-Define Success

Success in college is defined by one major things, grades. The workplace on the other hand its about applying your skills. Knowledge is important, but it is also equally important to know what to do with it, this was after all the overarching goal of college.  Hence, start to measure success by how you apply your skills and knowledge to produce quality output.

Sharpen your active listening skills

While in college you’ve had to sit through lecture after lecture and chances are you developed your active listening skills and in the workplace these skills are quite important. You will attend meetings, take orders from your superiors and clients and accordingly, one is expected to listen well and ask relevant questions.

Challenges are your best friends

One of the best things employers value in an employee is their willingness to tackle and accept challenging work. So next time you see a challenge, roll up your sleeves and face it head-on. Seek challenges and learn what you can from them.

Update your tech skills for the job you want

Like the universe (not on the same scale), technology is an ever expanding sector of the modern world and likewise organizations and businesses look for way to make use of it to smoothen productivity. This is where you come in, as a member of the younger generation you are likely to be more exposed to new gadgets and softwares than your employer. Harness this benefit by fitting your tech skills into your potential employers company’s needs. When the time comes, be ready to show them a side of facebook they haven’t seen before and how that can be used for their businesses and companies.

These are some of the skills we think can benefit you and help you secure a job once you’ve graduated. As usual let us know what are some other things you do to get that job-ready stamp on your CV. And of course don’t forget to register on where a possible opportunity awaits.



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