How to start an elevator Pitch

Think of your pitch as a story, your very first step is to write down your most important points. This isn’t what you should include like your name but what do you want everyone to know about you. Are you a great writer? Are you great at graphic design? What makes you special. Write everything down and choose the most important one of them all, the one you deem to be most unique. In addition, you must research who your pitching to.  This is the most crucial step in crafting your pitch because right after your pitch you’d want the listener(i.e your potential employer) to ask questions. It’s all about giving them a taste of who you really are and what sets you apart.

Aside from this first step, below we will outline questions and how you should answer them, remember that these are just examples and that you should answer them for yourself. The answer will only provide you with the basics.

  • Who are you?

When you start your elevator pitch you should start with telling them your name,

Hello! My name is ABC and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Remember that you only have 30-60 seconds so make sure to be enthusiastic but not loud.

  • What do you do?

You shouldn’t answer this question with just one generalized word, don’t just say Graduate or Teacher or Engineer rather get into the specifics of things. This must capture your potential employer’s attention, turn it into a quick story.

So instead of,

I recently graduated from X university with a Mechanical Engineering degree. 

Prepare yourself to say something like,

Well I learnt to take any idea and turn it into something tangible. I’m a Mechanical Engineer.

Leave your statement about what you do open ended, this might catch your potential employers attention and set you apart from the numerous candidates that are applying. Your statement should be bold and visionary.

  • Why are you pursuing a job in this filed?

This is where you need to shine, it’s about telling them why your passion is what you are pursuing. Don’t tell them because you need a job or because you need experience instead tell them why they should be interested in your services. Because at the end of the day, that’s what your selling.

I love Mechanical engineering, for me it’s about making people’s lives easier. That’s why I pursued that degree and that’s why I’m applying for this job. I am looking to use the skills I have learnt and apply them to real situations. I am applying for this position to help make life easier for your clients.

With these three basic questions, you can craft a solid elevator pitch that serves to show employers a glimpse of who you are and what you do. In 30 seconds you’ve told your audience what you do, why what you do is important, hooked them in with what you plan to do next for their company, and who you are.

Remember to tailor this to the company you’re applying for. It’s all about what personalizing the experience of your pitch to your employer.


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