Turning Interviews Into Conversations

Often, in the chase of securing a job you lose many things, a big one being the fact that (although jobs are hard to find) you have something to contribute. Hence, don’t be that guy that walks into the office with puppy eyes saying, “Can I have a job sir? Please?” To help you avoid making your interview sound like an interrogation, here are four things to remember:


  • Why do you want to work here? What’s your weakness/strengths? Tell us about yourself?

When interviewers ask these questions, they don’t want to hear generic answers. No! They need to understand your personality, how honest you are and basically who you are. So prepare to answer them accordingly. Hiring managers will remember the person that talked about why he’s working on improving his communication skill than the person that said “my only weakness is that I care too much”

  • Prepare to have a conversation

Interviewers often eager for their interview subjects to ask questions. They do so because, they see more of you in your questions then your answers. For instance, if you are interviewing for a sales and marketing positon and ask “I see that you use social media as a marketing tool, how does that translate into sales?”that will back up your statements in your interview and CV.

  • Be at ease

Yes, a job is everything and that might create pressure to perfectly answer the questions, get dressed right, arriving on time and more. However, don’t walk in the interview room tense, holding your breath, sitting tightly and trying to control your pores. Relax, yes it’s an important meeting but it isn’t a police interrogation and you didn’t do anything wrong, right? You know what don’t tell us…


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