What Interviewers Don’t Want to Hear In an Interview Room

You’ve worked hard to secure an interview, you’ve gone through hundreds of applications, stared too long at your CV and perfected it down to the formatting.  But (always one isn’t there?) all that might be spilt milk if you can’t get passed the common hurdles in the interview room.

Redundant information

Often when interviewers ask you questions like “what can you tell us about yourself?” or “Where did you go to school?” they don’t want information they can read on your CV. Usually, these types of questions are asked to break the ice. Hence, they set the tone for the interview experience in the following minutes. Avoid repeating information your interviewer can easily get on your CV.

Unnecessary Babble

What is unnecessary babble? In this context, it is the act of talking about things the interview didn’t ask for or talking about things that don’t relate to the position. Don’t start a conversation that goes nowhere. It is crucial that you don’t waste the interviewers time (or yours for that matter) by talking about deeply personal issues, blanket statements (answers that don’t answer anything) or even worst answers that make you sound insincere( i.e bragging too much about your skills, making your passion the job you’re applying for…). It only takes one slip-up to lose the opportunity you’ve worked so hard to secure.

Not Asking Questions or Asking the Wrong Questions

It is important to have some questions ready. After all, you might be spending 8-10 hours in that office so naturally you should have questions. It’s okay and in fact, you are encouraged to ask. This shows that you are interested in the position and you instill further trust in your skills.  It shows that you mean business. On the flip side, if you ask the wrong question at the wrong time (like salary information on the first interview) and plainly wrong questions. We don’t have to list it here but you know the ones we are talking about.  Right?


Long pauses in between question and answer

“Um… ah…I think… like…but… ha… I think I have enough experience to handle the task” does that inspire confidence in you? Or does it make you want to hug the person speaking like this? Whichever is your answer. Avoid speaking like said person. Long pauses tell the interviewer that you aren’t confident enough to live up to the task. In addition, to making the entire interview vibe just awkward. Your pauses might create uncertainties in your interviewers and you don’t want that.

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