A Starting Point for Your Career

So you’re about to graduate and are now looking for a starting point in your career. However, instead of just applying to internships or entry level positions have you considered these programs below?

1) Heineken Management Trainee Program

Heineken provides a platform for young graduates from different fields to take part in a distinctive selection process, which identifies candidates that best fit the Heineken culture. Should you succeed you will have the opportunity to join an 18-month development journey that is organized into three challenging and exciting assignments each lasting for 6-months. As a trainee you will be assigned to work on diverse assignments and each assignment aims at developing young talent in being the future leaders of the company. Heineken Ethiopia’s Management Trainee Program also provides a mentorship program where mentors are assigned from different functions to help trainees gain different perspectives in the work environment and help them in building their career. The program presents opportunities to various types of student and takes in a multitude of students every year.

2) Unilever  Future Leaders Program

Are you interested in a future in consumer goods? Then this program might be for you. The Future Leaders Program is designed to bring graduates into functions across the business, giving them the hands-on training they need to progress their careers and become leaders in their respective fields. In this program you won’t just stay put in one position, the program ensures that you join a particular function and move you around to show the different facets of your function. On occasion there is also the opportunity to sometimes experience working in other functions for a period of time. The program accepts graduates from all fields and apply.

3) East Africa Bottling Share Company 

Otherwise known for Coca Cola, offers a fast track training program that attracts, recruits, develops and engages talented graduates for critical leadership positions for the future. With over 28 operation countries, offers international and regional experience and fast-paced development to young future leaders like yourself. Right from the very start one, trainees will be inducted into the company culture and given actual responsibilities.

The competition is tough but worth it. Opportunities like these might just be the right step for you to jump start your career.  Most of these program start their recruitment process around the time of graduation in June and tour universities around Ethiopia.


Picture source: Heineken Ethiopia website

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