Being Happy with your Job

Being happy with your job might seem like a luxury in today’s tough market, after all when it comes down to it we all need to make a living. However, some people are up and ready to get to work while others are a little reluctant to get out of bed and face that huge morning taxi line and traffic.  That being said, job satisfaction is mostly dependent on factors that are in your control. It only takes a little effort to turn that shiro to a ktifo.  Here are a few tips to better ensure that you are making the most out of your job.

  • Motivation

Why do you do what you? Understanding your motivation behind the job you already have or are pursuing may help increase your job satisfaction. Answering this pertinent question will help you determine whether your motivations fit precisely  what you want. This important because it can shield you from doing something that does not move you or you do not really like.

  • Fair Trade = Fair Compensation

It is important to be paid for your job or otherwise it’s just free labor. Employees place a huge importance on fair compensation when it comes to job satisfaction. This largely lies on your employer but it is also important for you to make the employer notice you with outstanding work output. Let the employer know that you are worth every penny and more.

  • Mutual Respect and recognition

The work environment is quite crucial for job satisfaction and to create a healthy one mutual respect from all parties is necessary. You would want to get recognition for your hard work and effort and at the same time your employer wants you in on time and respect company rules.  In short, working a job where you feel disrespected, undervalued, and underappreciated will likely cause you to feel dissatisfied with your work.

  • Engagement

Are you engaged in your work, fully present and productive or do you require a healthy does of coffee and motivational videos to get you to work? One of the major reason for dissatisfaction is lack of engagement. Disengagement can stem from a misplacement in jobs or underemployment. One reason you may not be engaging in your work is because you may not feel you are utilizing your skills and abilities to your fullest potential. Undoubtedly, people are naturally more engaged in work that puts their talents to good use.


The culmination of these can help you gain a higher satisfaction from your job and create a better work environment.




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