Best Cover Letter Writing Tips.

In this y-generation the question that keeps on popping up is whether, cover letters are still important. In a word, yes.  A cover letter is what an intro is to a song, what a curtain-raiser is to a celebrity on stage. It is the first encounter with the prospective employer. And this gives you an opportunity to make a match, a scream, an attention getter, a “why you should hire” me kind of a thing. Below are some tips to guide you in creating the best cover letter.

Be Brief.  Your cover letter should be short and snappy. Your cover letter’s brevity should interest the reader enough to want to go through your resume, in case it is the first thing they do. This should also be a reminder that your resume should be good enough to stand alone in conveying your value message.

Be Specific. When applying for a position, prepare a cover letter that picks up 3-4 key qualifications listed in the job description. Be very specific on what you can offer in line with your qualifications. In short, package your cover letter to be specific to what the employer is looking for.

Make a Connection. This means that you make a connection of your skills to the job requirements. A cover letter should act as a link to connect your skills, experience and education directly to the employer’s advertised requirements. In the world work where each application receives a minute of review, make it as easy as possible for the potential employer to see that you are qualified for the job. You are more likely to receive an invitation for an interview if you do the work for them.

Customize your Cover Letter. One grave mistake many job seekers do is having a single cover letter that they forward for any job opening; unaltered a copy-paste sort of a thing. This not only reflects you negatively, but also cuts down your chances of being invited for that job interview. Customize your cover letter for every job. Have multiple versions to be used for different types of titles, functions and industry situations. Invest your time. Thumb rule in life, nothing comes out of nothing, and nothing worthy having and pursuing comes on a silver platter. It takes time and effort. So take some time, invest, and get involved in streamlining your cover letter according to the job at hand.

Personalize your Cover Letter. A cover letter should be written from a first person pint of view. This reflects so much about you as the job seeker. Your voice, your intentions, your energy, all is revealed when you write in the first point of view. Tailor your cover letter in such a way that your accomplishments create a buzz of your interest in the position advertised.

Showcase your Personality. Most of cover letters are boring and lack anything that makes them stand out. Portray your enthusiasm, positive energy, and personality by stepping away from the norm and derive your content from your heart. This might take longer to draft, but the results are worthy it. Even if it is only one sentence, explain why the advertised work interests you. Although employers seek after qualified candidates, they also look for motivated people who enjoy what they do. Otherwise who would want to be stuck with zombies for employees?  Without using clichés, explain how using required job skills make you feel.  A personal experience or connection will help you stand out.

Finally, Close you Cover Letter with a Call to Action.  Clichés are boring, avoid them by all means. Shy away from the norm; write a concluding statement that stands out and of course this will reflect confidence and a purpose-driven personality. Do something fresh and radical like, “I am excited about the opportunities within your company and look forward to joining you on board.” A key thing is never eve leave the ball in the employer’s court, let it stop with you, what you will do, or accomplish, or offer or what you look forward to.

In conclusion, ensure your cover letter communicates to your prospective employer in a personalized manner, makes a connection, that is, your qualifications and the requirements of the hiring company, and stands out among the other dozens of job seekers.