Coping with the Stresses of Your First Job Search

It’s almost 2 months after graduation, you have applied for several jobs and most of them have not called you back. Friends and families are asking “Are you working now?”, “Have you applied for jobs?”, “What’re your future plans?” and so on.  This is a typical experience for any fresh graduate anywhere, as the job market gets tougher so does the stress. This can overwhelm any sane person and lead them to a dark corner but it shouldn’t. Remember these few tips if you are feeling that way.

  • No, isn’t always bad

When a person gets rejected often, they tend to question their abilities. Most of the times a no doesn’t mean, no you’re not good enough, more like a certain criteria doesn’t fit our standards. When you get a rejection don’t be afraid to ask why, this will help you avoid that mistake or help you change your job search strategy. The notion that you are not good enough, shouldn’t scare you as this is a competition. This doesn’t mean that you are bad but rather that you need to better yourself. Dwelling on the rejections will only make your jobs more anxious and stressful than it needs to be. Instead focus on what you need to do to stand out from the market.

  • Don’t just focus on getting a job

There are numerous stereotypes that surround fresh graduates, that will always hang on you as a dark cloud. Hence, make sure to look for companion transferable skills to learn. Are you pursuing a programming job then look for a companion short-term training to set yourself apart from the competition. Look for skills that can put your foot in the interview room. In the long run, even if the courses are expensive, they will only make you an efficient employee.

  • Work on yourself

Parents often say once you’re done with your studies, the real education begins. They are right, college only tells us what the real world is in theory. Once you start to struggle to get a job and start a business, it is important for you to know not only what your good at but what you’re bad at. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck searching for a job you’re ill-suited for. Work on yourself, find out which areas in your life need improvement. Do you need to improve your English skills? Should you work on your communication skills? List down all your flaws on a piece of paper and try to tackle them one by one and don’t be afraid to seek help on some flaws you can’t solve on your own.

The job search can be harsh and unforgiving and it’ easy to lose focus and dwell on the negatives but remember that you’re not alone in the struggle and that you can make it. The important thing is not to lose heart and give up.


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