Finding Your Voice

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Finding Your Voice


So you’re about to graduate or you’ve graduated and are now ready to go job hunting but realized that
you don’t have a CV, you don’t know what to write in said CV, you can’t figure out what employers want
in a fresh graduate and you don’t know who’s hiring at the moment! It also doesn’t help that you’re
graduation suit has doro wot stains.

If that sounds like you, then this course might help you navigate your way into the tough but rewarding
world of the job search!

Contrary to popular opinion, the job search isn’t as complicated as it is painted it be. The job search can
be made easier if you’ve prepared for it. That’s it, the job search is tough, often times disheartening but
the key here is to be prepared and being resilient. This manual is meant to give you an insider’s look of
what employers look for when they interview you, when they screen your CVs and what skills they are
looking for.

A lot of the rejection faced by students is mainly because of a lack in soft skills, self-branding and
communication. So it important for you not to solely rely on this manual (or other similar materials) to
secure a job. It’s important for you to look inwards and really introspect on what makes you’re best at
and focus on magnifying that. And that’s what this course is about!