Finding Your Voice

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Finding Your Voice

Lesson Three: Putting it All together

Lesson 3: Putting it All together

Now you have your story elements, and all that’s left is putting it all together. These core elements and understanding of yourself will help you infuse your story and identity in all your career materials (your cv, interview answers, pitch…) and make presenting yourself an easier and more impactful affair.

However, before you start writing your CV, it’s important that you keep going over it until you are done and are confident that whatever the final story is, you. Because, if it’s anything that’s what’s going to be your secret in the job search, your career progression and beyond.

However, before we move to actually framing your narrative in your CV, Social Media Channels, interview answers and others. There are things you need to beware of.


  1. Keep it unique

Nobody can tell your story the way you do. Keep that in mind. However, you can search online or ask for people that use this technique to get noticed by employers. There is a fine line, however, where you can take elements from people that have done an excellent job and copying their work. So if you do that, you risk of misrepresenting yourself and not being authentic and in the job search authenticity is everything.

  1. Creativity and Professionalism

Yes, your material needs to be you but it needs to be clear as well. But, do keep in mind that you are communicating to people that are just meeting you for the first time. It’s okay to use technical jargon professionals in your career use, however, it’s not okay to use confusing terms that will just puzzle your dream employer.


This can’t be stressed enough. Sometimes a beautiful story can be hampered by a myriad of spelling and grammatical errors. It IS in fact, amongst the top reasons most fresh graduates’ CVs are ignored and sent down in the HR limbo. A place where CVs go to disappear and never be heard from again. No one wants that, especially at the start of your career.

In conclusion

Even after discovering yourself and developing your core story, it is hard to remain true to it. As you know, you might change, your temperament might change, and your values might evolve. So staying true to that change is equally important to staying true to yourself today.


Next COURSE: Writing your story

We will be covering what’s in CV? How do you write one? Numerous ways of incorporating creative elements in your CV? How do you keep your CV burden free?