Marketing yourself

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Marketing yourself


You’ve found this dream job. You know you’d be a perfect fit. You send your CV and you anxiously wait for the call-back. But it never happens. Sound familiar? Yeah, it does for most of us. But how’s that possible?

Hot tip:

Your CV is stuck in HR hell. Where all CVs go to be ignored and eventually die.

Your CV has never been read. It wasn’t good enough.

This is the nightmare scenario, most fresh graduates are stuck in. You might make your CV look like it was designed by a master of the arts but it will not matter. Especially if your content and your story isn’t included in it. By your story we mean, your identity, your voice what makes you special. Yes you may have the talent but so do a million other students with great qualifications. Qualifications are everything IF you can sell them and actually apply them. How do you prove that? With your CV!

That is the first point of contact with your employer. It’s the first of paper that will either get you your dream job or get you ignored. Take heart, this nightmare scenario isn’t unfolding ever again. That’s cause you’re about to learn surefire way to transform your run-of-the-mill CV into a great one.