Marketing yourself

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Marketing yourself

Lesson One: Marketing yourself

Lesson One: Marketing yourself

Marketing yourself starts from building a consistent story throughout. That is why it’s crucial for you to learn simple story telling techniques to create your brand and maintain it. We have covered how to start developing your own story by identifying yourself

Constructing your story

Just like any good book, your career story has to have a beginning (obviously) a middle and an end. Your beginning must show promise, the middle must frame your situation and describe what you’re dealing with. The end must tie the knot and present the package. Similarly, when you package yourself to a potential employer present yourself in an interesting manner that truly separate you from the crowd. Don’t condense your story to fit one medium, spread it out in your CVs, social media page and interview.

One fundamental mistake you can make in the job search is to expect CVs as the only way to market yourself. CVs are only meant to briefly introduce you, not tell your entire story. So focus on building a story using various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to give your employers a full picture. For instance, if you’re applying for graphic design jobs, how about showcasing your portfolio of work on a Facebook page rather than just submitting for an interview. The internet has made it easier for these kinds of medium to help job seekers worldwide.

Grounding yourself

After you’ve gained experience this tip doesn’t apply. It is best to include any work experience you’ve had in the past. If you’ve helped your family run a restaurant, you have experience in customer service and hotel management. If you babysat your neighbor’s kids then you are trustworthy. The point here is to show the person that’s screening you’re CV, you can be trusted to handle tasks even if you don’t have experience that is directly related to the open position.


This is a medium that is sorely underutilized by fresh graduates in Ethiopia. Networking simply means attending events and approach people that might be interested in your skills. It’s as simple as that. However, there is a method to it. You’d need to create and practice your elevator speech.

Simply put an elevator pitch is a quick run through of your background, experience and career goals that you will be able to tell in an elevator ride, roughly 30 seconds to one minute. The reason for its name is because it must be brief and to the point. If you can master this skill, it can allow you to introduce yourself to different career connections in a creative and compelling way. Basically, it’s a speech about you, who you are what you can do and what you want to do. If you’ve ever been in an interview room then you’ve probably practiced your elevator pitch, especially when a potential employer asks you about yourself.

If you master this skill and match it with great interpersonal communication, you’re chances of getting hired will be a lot higher.