Grad-school Vs Employment

Right after graduation you are most likely faced with two options. Seeking employment or a postgraduate degree.  On one hand a post graduate degree might rank you higher in the salary scale(i.e more money) and on the other finding 0 years’ experience jobs might prove to be difficult as you push further away from your graduation date.  There are plenty of considerations to factor here when making this decision. Below are few things you should consider before making this crucial decision.

  • Return on Investment

Bear in mind that graduate school has increased in prices an Masters degree might cost you upwards of 70, 000 birr total and will set you back two years from entering the job market. Try to ask yourself what two years of work experience will get you and pit that against what a full time Masters Degree will get you. Keep in mind that there is also night school but even then, this will add one more year before you can earn that masters degree (i.e Night School program for masters students runs upwards of 3 years).

  • Hands on experience Vs Certification

Joining the workforce right after graduation will give you a leg-up to in climbing the corporate ladder. As you work you will learn professional skills that might benefit your career later on. This is in addition to getting career advancement opportunities and setting up a professional network.  Moreover, sometimes certain fields don’t require additional advancement.  On the other hand, specializing further into your chosen area of study will give you more credibility and leverage in certain career streams. Some Masters degrees are geared towards a deeper training of the subject. In this case, a post-graduate degree will benefit your career goals in the long run.

  • Improving your employment prospects

Unlike a bachelor’s degree a post-graduate degree puts you in the position of “fellow researcher” rather that student. This create a new learning dynamic where the classroom is more fluid with conversation, critical thinking and confidence.  Joining the workforce will also improve your employment prospects, as you gain experience you are slowly setting yourself apart from the competition with practical experience and a deeper familiarity with the workplace.

In conclusion, it is no so much about the piece of paper but what you do with it. In both instances, proactivity is essential to gain the desired out come.  The pursuit of either crossroads is a gamble but by engaging with the available opportunities either can be a worthy path to take on the road to a successful career.


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