Graduates of Ethiopia: Writing Your First CV

Graduating after years of hard work is exciting. But that excitement can quickly become daunting when you try to build your CV. You just don’t know what to say about your relevant work experience.  After all, you just graduated from university— how can you write about any experience without having experience?

To help you get ahead, we’ve outlined a few points that might help you stand out from the crowd:

Correlate your skills with the position

First things first, learn about the position and company you’re planning to send applications to. Employers notice candidates who have qualities similar to their company’s culture and values. Make sure you read the job description entirely and repeatedly to understand the position. This will help you corelate your skill sets and highlight them on your CV. This will help you catch the employer’s eye!

No Skill is unimportant

Don’t leave out any skill set that might be useful in the workplace when building your CV. You know your way around social media? Mention it! You know how to use Adobe Premiere, write it down! You have basic computer networking skills? Don’t leave it out.

Formal and Friendly Language
Your CV and cover letter should be written in a simple and clear language but still retain a bit of your personality.  This helps you stand out from the crowd and employers get a chance to get to know you. In your cover letter, don’t just say you’re good at this, that and the other, tell them why and how that relates to you. For example, you can briefly mention your final thesis paper and how it relates to the job you’re applying for.


Writing your resume for the very first time is a tricky thing! But remember, everyone was a fresh graduate once and everyone had to write that difficult CV. These few tips might get you ahead from the crowd and help you stand out, but make sure you read the other articles on our website to be even more prepared for the professional world!


Source : Dereja

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