Handling Rejection in the Job Search

As a fresh graduate, no is a word you’ll hear more often than a yes. This is a fact that you must get used to, otherwise the job search will dishearten you. The job search can be long, tiring and it’s quite common for fatigue to set in. Rejection in the job search can be difficult and intense, in fact psychologists relate job rejection with a romantic break-up.  And as such these emotions can create feelings of self-doubt where you ask yourself whether you’re good enough or if the job world even wants you. This paired with the pressure one might have from family members to get employed creates an unnecessary stressful situation.

However, rejection shouldn’t dishearten you and if it sometimes does, don’t let that spiral you into a depression and self-blame. Don’t take it personally, a job interview doesn’t measure your professional worth. The hiring process in most companies is complex and sometimes can be very specific.  It is important to know that the word no doesn’t mean “no you’re not qualified”.

With this in mind, keep trying and don’t lose heart because no is part of the process. Take this opportunity to learn from the process by asking for feedback and how you can do better next time, you might be surprised and find out that they didn’t hire you not because you were not good but because of easily fixable minor issues.  It is also equally important to not hang all your hopes and dreams on one specific job and area. This will create an illusion that this job is the only perfect fit. Instead pursue multiple opportunities around the country. Ethiopia is slowly becoming a heavily industrialized nation, that means more opportunities are coming. Find out if those interest you and apply for them even if you don’t want to. Remember, your first job isn’t where you’ll stay forever but it’s starting point.

In the end, the job search might make you jaded and lose heart but it is important to know  that this is the start of a bright future not the beginning of doomed one. It is entirely up to you to keep a positive attitude and deal with rejection, no matter how tough it is.

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