Sample Cover Letter for a Fresh Graduate

Graduation is characterized by uncertainties and fear of what the market is to offer. Many graduates are filled a hopelessness of where and how to jump start, something that is quite a challenge to many. Usually there is the question of who will hire someone without experience, but look at this way, if companies don’t hire the inexperienced, how will the new graduates ever gain experience? This should shine some hope for you as a new graduate and consequently you should package yourself in such a way that you will that chance to start your career. Below are some tips to get you started and a sample cover letter to use for a fresh grad.

Tip 1

When writing your cover letter, make it reader friendly as much as possible but with a touch of professionalism. A single page cover letter is good enough.

Tip 2:

Leave out irrelevant information and be on point. Include the position you are applying for and specify how you obtained the information; is it from the newspapers, internet or contacts? In cases where there are no vacant positions state why you are interested in working for the company.

Tip 3:

Since you have no employment record yet, focus on your skills that qualify you for the hiring company. Shy away from mentioning your weaknesses and focus on the positive side without leaving any loophole in your cover letter. Remember your primary goal is to get an interview.

Tip 4:

If you’re applying online, the job title must be the subject of your e-mail. But if you are applying for an available position, just put the word resume together with your name.

Tip 5

Research on for the job description so that you have a guide on what to include in your cover letter.

Tip 6:

In the introduction of your cover letter, be brief and snappy. Begin by describing how you got the information regarding the job or the company, your career objective and how it is related to your application. This can be captured in 2-3 sentences. Next paragraph, you must state your educational attainments, skills and other trainings that are relevant to the job you are applying.

Tip 7:

In the last paragraph, mention that you are looking forward for an interview and also thank the employer for spending time reading your application letter. At this juncture avoid discussing your desired salary unless you are asked during the interview.


remember if you don’t have any employment history doesn’t mean you can no longer land on your desired position. By knowing how to write cover letter for resume, you will direct the employer’s attention to your skills and other qualifications rather than on your lack of practice. Below is a sample cover letter for a fresh grad.