Story Telling in The Interview Room

Usually building rapport is lost in the stress of scoring a new job in the interview room. Building rapport however, should be your second priority after selling your skills and personality.  The secret here is to find a balance between these two crucial elements. The best way to achieve that balance is to do something you’ve been doing with friends and family.  Tell a short and effective story.

Stories are one of the most powerful tools available that break barriers and build bridges of communication.  You’ll most likely remember a person that presents himself/herself in an engaging way . The human mind is more active and is wired to be more perceptive to stories.  When asked questions don’t just give a straight forward answer, make them interesting.

In any interview situation your goal is to give a reason for you interviewer to separate you from the crowd. For instance when you are asked what you’re about what you’re biggest weakness is. Don’t just say “My biggest weakness is that I sometimes overlook minor things” phrasing your answers like these can sometimes come off as dull and thwart the attention of your interviewer towards the negative instead if you say something like “Well, I sometimes have a hard time letting of a project and that makes me lose focus on minor things like proper document formatting, this has sometimes led me to leave my direct supervisor unimpressed because of my finishing touches. But I’ve been working on overseeing a project from start to finish before I hit that send button” much better right? It won’t leave any open endings for your interviewer to assume.  You have a beginning, a middle and an end neatly wrapped and delivered to an interviewer that feels like he/she knows you.

The other important point to retain is that you don’t need to tell him/her your life’s story. The point of using this story telling technique in an interview is to give them enough of a peek into your professional life and personality to keep your potential employer interested.


Image source: Natan.W Pyle

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