Three Typical Tasks of an Intern

Common Internship Tasks

Internship are usually designed to provide graduating students a learning experience about the world of work and at the same time get some work done. Some positions even pay their interns for the opportunity. Completing an internship can be difference between a CV that reads “I don’t have experience but I promise I’m good” and “I have experience in working, I’m not a risk here is why” But what are some tasks you can expect during your internships? Each internship is different but you can expect these three tasks.


  • Data Entry

This might seem like a menial task but for the business that is hiring you, it isn’t. Data is life blood for marketing departments and business development. It is crucial, the task is only given to interns because it takes time and usually requires someone that can has the time dedicated for this. Basically, you will be given data to be registered on some kind of system (usually Microsoft Excel)and on occasion physically writing data on a sheet of paper. All you require for this task is the ability to read and write.

  • Research

Interns may conduct research. This typical activity represents a time-consuming, detail-oriented task that regular employees may not have the time to complete. For example, an intern can search the Internet to validate the viability of an idea, campaign or initiative. An intern can compile statistics, examples and industry benchmarks. As an intern, you might interview customers, stakeholders and business partners to gather details about current problems. Supervisors can use this information to improve operations and make business decisions. This will require you to be detail oriented as well as have good communication skills.

  • Social media and other tech stuff

As a young graduate chances you are more exposed to social media and other modern technology trends. This is one of the biggest plus in hiring interns. Your insight in social media, new gadgets and even sometimes contemporary youth culture. These help businesses and companies help achieve their targets on a wider scope. Besides, this also gives you the chance to reverse mentor your supervisors on things that could help their business and marketing strategies have more impact. For this task, you will only require a passion for discovering new things, research and technology.





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