Virtual Career Expo 2020 Registration

In an effort to support fresh graduates on their search for employment, for the past two years, Dereja, has organized a career expo. This expo is meant to link employers with top fresh talent coming out of university. This year, in response to Covid-19 the expo was held virtually, as the nation’s first Virtual Career Expo., presented in Partnership with Jobs Creation Commission and with the support of Mastercard Foundation. The event was such a success that we are preparing the 2nd round of the Virtual Career Expo to be held in December for students with Addis Ababa as well as regional universities. This expo provides fresh graduates and employers alike a unique opportunity.

Employers will have the opportunity to fulfill their 2020 recruitment plan with top candidates. This virtual expo, provides employers the opportunity to scout and prescreen potential new hires, meet industry heads, and attend various HR conferences on improving their recruitment plan all from the comfort and safety of their homes

What makes Dereja different from other competitors you ask? Outside of being a part of the first and largest online job posting platform (, we are focused on supporting fresh university graduates in launching their career on the right foot. We are also the first company to host a virtual career expo within the nation. Partaking in this momentous event provides employers the access to top tier candidates, limits the time and cost of attending an in-person career expo, and provides your company with a free marketing platform, that will be accessed by thousands.

This expo will change the face of recruiting within Ethiopia. So, don’t miss out, Register Now!