What is Career Week?

Career week: is a series of workshops, speaking events, networking opportunities and other special event aimed at heightening students’ awareness of their chosen professions career paths delivered in one week. During this week, students will get the chance to visit their potential employers’ worksite and deliver successful search tools within each of their chosen career track. This opportunity helps students get better prepared for the job search and the professional world by getting a non-stereotypical insiders look of what a day looks like in their chosen field of study.

Why have career week?

Career week is all about preparing students for the work world before graduation and with the Ethiopian government eyeing at 80% employment for 2020. With the skills gap and negative stereotypes surrounding fresh graduates, students need all the push they can get. The career week event provides your students a unique advantage of looking inside the working environment of their chosen profession, putting them miles ahead of the competition. During these 5 days, students will get mentored by industry professionals, visit companies and work for a day.  This advantage, will help them craft better CVs, think strategically in their job search and more. The basic premise of the career week is to equip your students for success upon entering the work force.

What to expect?

Individual competency : – Most fresh graduates focus on the short term, they want a job quick and easy  Within this chase the specifics (soft skills, career path…) fall through the cracks. During the career week students will be given a real look of what’s expected straight from their employers through, experience sharing events as well as site visits and other activities.

Organization: – A key ingredient for success in the world is a basic structural understanding of how things are done. This is why each selected will get a chance to interact and have peek inside his/her chosen career path’s department. The site visit is customized to each of the students field of study to give them a realistic look of what is expected from them on a day to day basis.

Experience: – Part of the career week is dedicated to motivating students to think in terms of careers and not just temporary employment. This will be done through a series of speaking events and Q&A session with industry professionals. Students will have a better understanding of where their career can go from where they are now to the finish line.




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