What you need to know about your first job

When making your first steps into the working world there are a few things you need to know about the very first job you should have. It might seem counter-productive but in an Ethiopian context you first job shouldn’t exactly be related to your field of study. You could graduate in Agricultural science and work in a marketing firm.

  • What skills do you need to do to earn your coveted position?

There are basics skills you need to be successful at any job in any field for any position. Keep that in mind when you choose your first job. Your first job should at least teach you or let you practice how to communicate effectively, how to work in a professional environment,  how to think on your feet and self-initiation.  If a job satisfies this requirement it’s a big positive. These transferable skills if you can hone and practice them properly then you are already one step ahead of the competition in the race of getting a good job in your field.

  • Your first job isn’t your lifetime destination.

Your first job isn’t a lifetime commitment and it shouldn’t be a lifetime commitment. The very first position you apply for , should you get it, isn’t probably where you will stay for the rest of your professional life. Your first job is where you get the chance to really show the world what you’re made of. It is where you get to shine by working hard and making sure that your employer notices your hard work and dedication. It’s all about sampling your talent to employers that seek your services. By the time you’re ready to move on for your second job just make sure you have left enough of an impression that will make your supervisor write you a shining letter of recommendation

  • Your first job won’t pay you enough for you to make a rap video about it

This should be one of the major things you need to assess about your first job, how much you’ll earn. Do not expect to be paid a six figure salary when you walk into an interview room. Think of yourself as a new phone entering the market, no matter how great your features are potential buyers need to trust your brand before buying, essentially, you. As such, provide your services for a modest price until they know what you can do and who you are. That’s all you need to know about salary. This isn’t to say that you should undersell yourself but rather be careful not to over sell yourself.

  • What can you actually contribute?

Chances are you have skills that you are good at but you didn’t foster them or do not think that it matters. Really think about what you are great at, what skill makes you special and a stand out from the competition, are you a good orator? Are you good at writing? Can you code faster than a cheetah with a keyboard? Once you have your answer try and see if a job will allow you to practice and make use of this particular skill. Remember don’t be afraid to veer outside of your chose field.

These are some things we think you need to look at before applying for a job. This will make your job search far easier and wider. It is important to note that you also need to think of your career, so don’t be picky but also don’t accept anything that comes your way.



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