Why You Must Adjust Your Learning Style to Thrive at the Workplace

Image result for rote learningThe Ethiopian education system is known for one major style of learning. Rote learning, learning by repetition. In other words, you learn to memorize and spit out on an exam paper. This usually leads to the student forgetting the essence of the subject next semester. This system forces student to be dependent on textbooks, even on the age where internet is at most students’ fingertips and far away from practical applications. Rote learning isn’t all bad, it trains your brain to remember thing more efficiently and improves focus. However, if it becomes the only learning method it discards one important element in education; creativity and analytical thinking.

Even the usual exam format (“fill in the blank”, “multiple choice” and “subjective questions”) used in the education institutions encourages this system. Usually instructors expect the students to put down exactly what the textbook says. This doesn’t leave room for creativity or an insight into the student’s take on what he/she learnt. This might not seem like a big concern but just memorizing theories and not knowing how you apply them or avoiding exploring your innate talents doesn’t equip you for the professional world. The system used right now is designed to churn out factory workers that should do what they’re told.

This model of instruction is one of the reasons for the lack of quality fresh graduates in the current job market. Most candidates are used to a system measured by how much they can memorize not how much they have actually learnt, understood, analyzed and can implement. This is why you need to forget this learning style and start adapting to the professional world by learning through action and fostering your inner creativity. There are a wide variety of supporting courses available online for all sorts of majors like ACCA, subject relevant software etc. In the end learning to be creative and thinking on your feet can only be a plus.


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