Meri “መሪ” Mentorship Program

About Project: The underlying philosophy behind the Meri “መሪ” Mentorship Program & Mixers is that networks are a crucial part of developing various skills and widening the personal and professional horizons of young Ethiopian women. Relatedly, it’s our belief that experience and information sharing will create access for young underserved women who are talented yet may not have sufficient access and networks to unleash their potential. Therefore, the vision of the Meri “መሪ” Mentorship Program & Mixer series is to create a network of mentors and young Ethiopian women that are provided personal and career guidance towards living and sustaining impactful and purposeful lives.

The purpose of the Meri “መሪ” Mentorship Mixers is to design and sustain a quarterly leadership development program in which up to 90 eligible mentees per year, are capacitated on basic leadership skills and gender equality knowledge, then matched with mentors to further enhance their development, network building and integration into the job market. The leadership development program and mentorship mixers will be complemented by an annual Meri Medrek “መሪ መድረክ”, which will create a wider forum where mentees and mentors will all come together once a year for brown bag discussions and experience sharing sessions with other members of the community.

Target beneficiaries of the program: The target group for the mentorship mixers are underserved female students, with great potential, in their final year of undergraduate studies at Addis Ababa University during the period of their mentorship. The aim of targeting these group of young women graduates is that getting this intervention within the last year before their graduation will provide them with clarity on the steps they need to take to find gainful employment, as well as gain insights on how to traverse a professional space upon graduation. Our definition of ‘underserved women’ includes young women who most often have not had access to such platforms or networks, both within and outside of the University setting.

Expected Outcomes:

Direct Outcomes:

1. Each year 90 female mentees form an expanded network through which they will enhance their exposure to various platforms and opportunities towards gainful employment or job creation;

2. Mentees build and strengthen their basic leadership skills and knowledge towards enhancing their employability and entrepreneurship skills;

3. Mentees build enhanced awareness and understanding of gender equality issues.

Indirect Outcomes:

1. The Earuyan Meri “መሪ” Mentorship Program & Mixer series will create awareness and information on the benefits of formal and well-structured mentorship methods that can be scaled in other parts of the country by various actors;


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