People in Need (Reestablishment of Public employment services and Technical Support in Four Sub- Cities of Addis Ababa)

About Project: Unemployment and underemployment remain to be one of the most severe problems in the country. There have been some improvements in recent times, due to the establishment of manufacturing and service-based companies. The main cause of unemployment or underemployment are overpopulation and the persistent gap of supply or demand. The public employment services in the sub-cities of Addis Ababa offer a range of labour market interventions that can be used to initiate employment and supporting the unemployed and other disadvantaged individuals in the workforce.

People in Need /PIN/, as lead, together with Volontariato Internazionale Per Lo Sviluppo /VIS/, Concern Worldwide/CWW/, and CHADET are implementing partners of a project titled “Job Creation for Potential Migrants in Addis Ababa’ in four sub cities (Yeka, Arada, Addis Ketema and Kirkos). The project is part of Stemming Irregular Migration from Northern and Central Ethiopia (SINCE) programme, which is funded by the European Union Trust fund for Africa and is implemented by the Embassy of Italy in Ethiopia as well as with the support of Addis Ababa Government Bureau of Labor & Social Affairs. One of the important objectives of the SINCE project is to enhance capacity of public employment services in order to provide effective employment services. This contributes to the overall objective which is “to contribute to reduction of irregular migration by generating decent livelihood and employment opportunities locally for the young people especially women, hence enabling them to take informed decisions about migration.”

Hence as an organization that works on human capital, Dereja trusts that public employment services play an impactful role in employment for migrants and job seekers. and (IMS) has extensive experience in linking the jobseeker and employers, database management, initiating and establishing different Career Center Services across the public many universities in Ethiopia and enhancing the capacity of career center staffs as well as instructors.

Intervention/Service delivery: The main deliverables that were performed in order to contribute to the reestablishment of public employment services are: Designing or developing a guiding manual for public employment service staff, Redesign of public employment offices, Conducting public employment service staff trainings and the development of an electronic database. This document provides an overview and a detailed activity report on the services performed by Dereja in collaboration with the implementing partners of the project.

Target beneficiaries of the program-The target beneficiaries are young women and men, returnees, and refugees with affirmative action towards disadvantaged women

Response to COVID-19- During the implementation period, the spread of Covid-19 has impacted the timeline of the activities to be delivered. Regardless of the situation Dereja along with the implementing partners have managed to conduct the PES staff training by taking note of social distancing measures and the design implementation has also taken place in each of the PES offices as well as on training sessions.

Key achievements- Dereja has implemented key activities from the deliverables of the project, such as conducting a need assessment for public employment services in the selected sub-cities, PES operation manual development, resource center physical set-up and furnishing. An electronic database has also been developed to eliminate the tedious work of manual registrations in order to improve and accelerate their matching processes as well as to promote cost-effectiveness.

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a Czech NGO working on improving lives of the poor in Ethiopia through development and humanitarian projects. PIN is implementing development projects focused mainly on WASH, agriculture, livelihoods, nutrition, natural resource management, education and social development.