Virtual Career Expo/ Career Expo Clinic

About Project: Career Expos are designed to connect fresh graduates with employers on an easy to use and accessible platform. This project is tandem with a two-week-long career expo clinic program offering job readiness training and employability skills such as how to conduct a job search, write a CV and prep for interviews. Career Expo clinics and Career Expos will be organized in the selected urban and rural universities. Career Expos are an offline employment linkage platform that supports graduating students to secure jobs.

Target beneficiaries of the program: Direct beneficiaries of the program are graduating class students. The program recruits’ students from all backgrounds (rural and urban communities, members socioeconomic status and gives high priority to women). From the pilot program even though it was launched only in Addis Ababa; 56% Female, 45 % Male, 70 % Urban, 30 % Rural and 2% Students with disabilities and low economic background were the participants. With the partnership with Mastercard Foundation Dereja aims to scale the program in the selected universities every year to impact more graduates become skillful and professional and secure employment. Dereja aims within the Academy program for 10,000 students to find fulfilling and dignified jobs within 5 years as direct placement (Student ratio: 70% female, 10% of students with disabilities and low economic background).

Expected outcome: The program is expected to reach 10,000 young people within 5 years and place 90 % within the 6 months of there graduation. Every year more employers will be registered with Dereja.

Response to Covid-19: Dereja is aiming to organize Career Expo clinic and Career Expos virtually to still reach the targeted universities. In 2020, given its track record of 2018 and 2019, Dereja planned to reach 23,000 students in 5 regions (Jimma, Mekelle, Bahir Dar, Hawassa, Addis Ababa) from eight universities (including Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology, Mekelle University, Jimma University, Hawassa University, Bahir dar University, St Marry University & Unity University).

  • A virtual Career expo platform has been designed in order to connect job seekers and employers as well as to comport HR conferences and webinars.

  • Dereja conducted a survey with university students to identify student’s capability of using the online platform. The analysis was made to check student’s accessibility to laptops, smartphones, and a conducive environment.

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The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. All people, no matter where their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to succeed. We believe that with access to education, financial services, and skills training, people can have that chance.