Central Health College

About Central Health College
   An intensive and extensive process of research work has been carried on for many years on how to establish a medical college whose quality of academic and moral standard of teaching – learning processes and the profile of its final products will be a pride and a shining example to the public and to all other similar colleges in the country. Establishment of CHC in Addis Ababa in 2002. Thanks to these cumulative efforts, CHC has gradually been able to change and develop from ideas planned on paper into the existing reality of the most successful and renowned private medical college in Ethiopia. CHC is still making unsparing efforts  to further develop its institutional capacity in its field of pursuits in order to enable it to work better and live up to the expectation of the community it intends to serve.
Schools/Colleges at Central Health College
  • PHARMACY Department
  • NURSING Department
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia +251-11-6186423 http://www.centralhealthcollege.edu.et/ Private College

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