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Who We Are?

Every year over 200,000+ graduates enter a job market that already has negative pre-conceptions about them. This is where Dereja steps in. A major part of Dereja.com is to address the evident lack of guidance and career resources available for university students and junior level professionals.

We do this by providing and establishing career and personal development resources, such as CV writing guides, interview tips, relevant articles, career centers and, most importantly job opportunities from across the country.


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Annual Job Fairs


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What We do?

Our services are centered on maximizing the Ethiopian youth's potential and employability skills as well as making the job market more accessible to young people making their first steps in the job market. We partner with learning institutions, employers and students to develop and implement employability solutions aimed at making graduating job market ready. Each of our services are designed to meet one goal. Making fresh graduates employable. Our aim is to give students a fighting in the job market chance as opposed to the sink or swim alternative they are faced with.

Career Center Services

We help instructors and counselors understand and answer students’ key concerns about the job market.

Online Platform

Dereja.com provides resources for self-development and, updates on new opportunities for young professionals entering the job market.

Employability Skills Training

We help graduates bridge their skill gaps to leverage their strengths for success in the job search and beyond.

Annual Job Fairs

We develop job fairs that go beyond the formal meet and greets. Our job fairs are coupled with training, workshops seminars and more.

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Dereja.com is successful thanks to the support of our staff and partnerships we have established across public and private partnerships. These partnerships have allowed us to develop proactive employability solutions and practical strategies’ to counter the youth unemployment problem.

We are always on the lookout to partner with any organizations working to reduce Ethiopian youth unemployment. We partner with businesses, government organizations, international development agencies, and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for the underserved Ethiopian youth on a national scale.

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