Frequently Asked Questions

for Dereja Academy Program

A: To apply for the program all you have to do is follow this link to find a find description of the event. As you scroll down you will be directed to a questionnaire where you will be prompted to fill in details on your Name, Educational back ground, Contact information etc., after completing this step data click on “Submit Application”

A: The program is an open application program for 2019 graduating students within the selected universities Addis Ababa University (Sidist Kilo Campus(Main Campus), Institute of Technology, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Business and Economics, School of Commerce) Addis Ababa Science and Technology University and St. Mary University.

A: This program does not limit field of studies except for medicine students.

A: If you get accepted you will be shortlisted for the assessment center which will include exams, group exercises as well as a career interest test. You will then attend a 6-week training designed to enhance your employability skills (Soft skills and Job readiness). The training is designed to engage graduates and will address realistic issues that require you to work intensively on the assignment and exercises that will be given. And at completion of the training graduates will network with different employers.

A: No, we do not consider GPA. Our requirements are based on your interpersonal skills, goal clarity and your ability to communicate your needs.

A: Currently as a pilot, the program is only open for students attending Universities based in Addis. This is because of the limited time frame and funds we have to set up. However, on our next edition we have plans to scale up this program in different universities in Ethiopia.